Raywalt featured in ‘Business In Edmonton’

Business in Edmonton, August 2014

Celebrating 35 Years of Customer-Focused Service and Success

By Nerissa McNaughton (Excerpt)

It’s easy to go about your day without thinking of the many underground services that lay hidden while making our lives easier. Yet, the minute there is a problem with an underground water pipe or utility line, our lives feel like they are on hold until the problem is located, fixed and the lines are tucked out of sight once again. Have you paused to think about what it takes to service these underground utilities? It takes more than a backhoe and a good sense of direction. It takes training, vision and planning – but thankfully Raywalt Construction Company Ltd. has all this and more. Raywalt Construction Company Ltd. is on its second generation of ownership and while you may not be familiar with their work the way you could point out a homebuilder’s project or an interior designer’s art, a large majority of Albertans, particularly Edmontonians, have benefited from their expertise. In fact, if you reside in one of Edmonton’s recently developed communities, chances are the work of Raywalt lies beneath your feet.

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